Did you ever know there were brown pandas? :OOO

The world’s only brown panda as of right now is Qizai.


Facts about Qizai:

  • Qizai’s mother abandoned him when he was two-months old. He was found by researchers working in Central China and was taken to the Shaanxi Rare Wildlife Rescue, Breeding and Research Center.
  • His childhood was very tough because he was motherless and other pandas bullied him. (Other pandas ate his bamboo.)
  • Qizai’s mother was a black and white panda so it remains a mystery as to why he is a brown and white panda.
  • He is currently 7 years old and weighs more than 220 pounds.
  • Qizai resides at Foping Panda Valley of Shaanxi province.
  • His diet includes about 22 pounds of bamboo, milk, and Chinese flour buns.
  • Qizai’s keeper, He Xin, describes him as gentle, funny, and adorable.
  • He is slower than most pandas but is also cuter.



What do you think of Qizai? 😀



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