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Post-A-Day: Day 6

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I recently read Once Upon A Zombie: The Color of Fear by Billy Phillips & Jenny Nissenson.


Summary: When Caitlin Fletcher’s mom disappeared (or left?) four years ago, so did all the oxygen on earth—or so it seemed to Caitlin. She’s been suffering from breathless bouts of anxiety ever since. Caitlin’s life takes a turn for the bizarre when she’s tricked into climbing down a “rabbit hole”, landing in a wondrous fairy tale universe—except it’s crawling with savage, starving blood-eyed zombies—think Snow WhiteCinderellaRapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty. Definitely not the ideal situation for a vulnerable young girl prone to panic attacks. But what’s scarier—a blood thirsty zombie, a panic attack… or the painful truth?!


Review: I thought it was a great book overall. I kind of lost interest towards the end but everything else grabbed my attention. This is a combination of fantasy, horror, and a bit of romance. So, if you like any of those genres, you might enjoy this book!




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