Evolution of Fooble (Story time)

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Post-A-Day: Day 7

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The Evolution of Fooble… Enjoy! 😀

What happens when you search up fooble?

When you go onto Google Images, you might find this picture of an elephant seal. Big nose, huh?


(Or if you happen to be on Urban Dictionary, you will get this definition: The dust collected at the bottom of a bag of dry roasted peanuts.)


I was casually watching Team Edge’s video EPIC FLOUR TOWER CHALLENGE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Fb7cLYrsjo) sent by one of my friends.

and then I paused at 0:03…

I found J-Fred making this face.



Someone -cough cough imaginealpha- said it looked like our band teacher.

Someone -cough cough me- drew a beard and a unibrow to make it look even more like our band teacher.



Someone -cough cough me again- had no idea what she was doing and created this.

Fooble + J-Fred = Fooble Jenkins.



And finally, someone -cough cough me again again- decided to enhance her creation even more by drawing an even thicker unibrow, mustache, and beard.



This all started with a really, really, really terrible typo, by the way. Thank you to that person who made the typo. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Evolution of Fooble (Story time)

    For anyone wondering, I was roleplaying on a popular roleplay game as someone trying to be in a group he didn’t belong to. Someone tried to call my character and my roleplay partner’s character forgettable, because no one remembered that they were part of the group, but he messed it up so badly that it turned out to be “fooble”.


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