Day 15: Story

Here’s a little short story I wrote in reading and writing class. Though, it isn’t the best but enjoy! 🙂

School of Monsters

What is that on the wall? A strange jet-black creature of some sort was slowly crawling across the wall as Carl entered his social studies class. The spider had been the size of a fist. Carl studied the eyes of the spider. Its eyes were glowing bright red and were staring directly at him. I must be hallucinating, Carl thought.

Chills immediately ran up his spine. How could a spider’s eyes be red? He kept blinking his eyes, hopefully to get rid of the image of the spider. Unfortunately, the image didn’t want to escape his head. He kept trying and trying but the image wouldn’t disappear. Carl opened his eyes and he noticed that the spider began to crawl out of the classroom.

Carl instantaneously devised a plan and approached Miss Brown. “May I use the bathroom, Miss Brown?” Carl lied.

She nodded her head. He rushed out the door and searched the hallways for the spider. Carl climbed down the stairs and had made his way down to the lower wing. He was out of breath but he had spotted the spider from a far distance. It was crawling into an office, the most dreaded office of all. The principal’s office.

Carl tiptoed his way to the office, making sure no one was around. He carefully turned the brass doorknob and surreptitiously entered the office. Carl had found the spider in the corner of the wall. It had spun a silky and elaborate web in such a short amount of time. Carl had seen something written on the spider web. It read “Be prepared for what is coming your way.”

What’s coming my way? Carl asked himself. A few moments later, he gasped; he had heard a faint sound of footsteps in the hallway. It must have been Principal Jenkins. Carl snuck out of the office before he’d get caught.

Carl came into class next morning, trembling with fear. The spider’s message had lingered in his head. Something bad was definitely going to happen. Just as he was going to say good morning to Miss Brown, he noticed her eyes, which were flaming red like fire. Exactly like the eyes of the spider he encountered yesterday. Carl looked around the classroom and noticed that everyone else had fiery red eyes as well! But there was one student who was sitting in the back of the room who hadn’t. It was his classmate Zoe and he could tell from her face that she also was terrified.

“Don’t tell me you have red eyes too, Carl!” Zoe shrieked.

Carl took off his glasses to show her. “Nope, I don’t. Come on, Zoe. We have to get out of here before we become monsters ourselves.”

They grabbed their backpacks and headed towards the principal’s office. Principal Jenkins could help put a stop to this madness. Zoe opened the door to the office and they both slipped inside.

“Well, well well, who do we have here?” Principal Jenkins slowly turned around in her swivel chair. Evil was smeared all over her face; she had a wicked grin and her eyebrows slanted downward. However, the two kids were completely stunned at something else they saw. Her eyes looked just like the ones of those who already have been bitten!

The principal began to chant an ancient curse. Blue flames began to form in her hand and she threw them in Zoe and Carl’s direction. Luckily, they managed to dodge it by ducking their heads. BAM! The flames had shattered the door into a million pieces. Carl and Zoe fled from the office before the principal could aim another fireball at them.

Zoe suddenly realized something as they were running for their lives and skidded to a stop. She pulled out a book from her backpack. “A-ha! This book may contain the solution to our problem! “In order to cure the unlucky people that have been bitten and to fully get rid of the creature who caused trouble, the chosen ones will summon the secret weapon: the crystal stone,” Zoe read from the book, “For the evil to completely vanish, you must show the crystal stone to the victims. It will then begin to do it’s magic.”

Carl instantly felt something heavy drop in his pocket. He reached inside and pulled out a crystal stone. Zoe and Carl both gaped. The two glanced at each other and knew they were thinking the same thing. They were the chosen ones.

“How are we supposed to cure every single student and teacher in this school? There are too many!”questioned Zoe.

“I have an idea. Why don’t we gather all the students and teachers to the gymnasium? We can simply get rid of all the poison and evil spirits all at once,” Carl replied.

Carl and Zoe dashed towards the main office. BEEP BEEP! Zoe smashed the button of the intercom and screamed, “Attention everyone! Please report to the gymnasium!” The two were soon on their way to the gymnasium, hoping to reach before the whole school of monsters showed up.

It took a while to gather them all into the gym but soon enough, the whole room was packed full of monsters. Carl and Zoe climbed up to the stage and settled down the belligerent monsters. Carl lifted the stone high into the air and it started to gleam. Blue light flashed all around the gym to every student and teacher that was present. Slowly, the red eyes began to fade away, returning the students and teachers back to normal.

Confusion had arisen throughout the gym but the pair had no time to waste. The last thing they had to do was find the red-eyed spider. They scurried out of the gym and roamed through the hallways, expecting to find the spider somewhere. Instead, they found a dark shadow against the wall.

“Hello, children. Remember me?” a mysterious voice growled.

“Who-o-o are you?” Zoe stuttered.

“Why, I am the creature you had seen in your classroom,” the mysterious voice replied.

“YOU! You were the spider!” Carl blurted.

The spider that Carl confronted yesterday had appeared once again. “Ahh, yes indeed. I have bitten your fellow students and teachers. Now it’s your turn to be bitten,” the spider threatened.

“Never in your wildest dreams!” yelled Zoe.

“IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO GO! NOW!” the spider roared.

Carl reached into his pocket and took out the crystal stone. Fear appeared on the evil spider’s face and he had stumbled on his words.“From-from where did you get that stone?” The spider attempted to run away but the stone locked him in place.

The stone suddenly shined a bright blue light and the spider screamed in agony. The two kids could hardly see what was going on. The stone’s light created a burning sensation in Carl’s hand. He yelped and dropped the stone on the ground. The blue light faded and the pair had noticed that they were alone in the hallway. The evil spider had been defeated.




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