Day 21: Story #2

I found one of my stories from 6th grade… it’s 7 pages long… 😛

       It was a bright sunny morning and Chloe stepped out of her house to enjoy the warmth stroking against her skin.  The sun’s rays were like a blessing sent from heaven.  She glanced at Maria’s house just across the street. Chloe was waiting for her best friend to come out so they could go to school together. She heard birds chirping and saw butterflies flapping around. It seemed as if it was going to be a good day!

       Chloe and Maria were best friends and they’ve known each other since they were only two years-old. The two girls had a lot of fun together, like playing with their pets, having sleepovers, and going to the park. They really enjoyed spending time together.  Currently, they were twelve years-old and attending BMS (Brookstone Middle School) the home of the Emperor Penguins. Chloe and Maria almost had all of the same classes together, and they talked and sat with each other at lunch, and they played with each other during recess. Chloe and Maria possessed a lot of talents that are similar. For instance,  they liked art, music, and dance. Most of the time, the two girls hung out together.

      When it was lunchtime, the girls usually sat next to each other. However, something different happened that day. When Maria entered the lunchroom, she didn’t sit down next to Chloe. Instead, she took a seat next to the popular girls; Hannah and Christina. Chloe knew something was fishy.

     “Why was Maria sitting next to Hannah and Christina?” she wondered.

      Chloe disliked them because of their rude attitude and how they gossip and bullied others. Chloe wondered how they became cruel and highly unpleasant people.

     One example of how Chloe dislikes the popular girls was because of an incident that happened a while ago in which a girl named Danielle was involved. She wore her favorite dress that she got for her birthday. She happened to meet Hannah and Christina in the hallway. ”What a ghastly looking dress!” and “You have no sense of fashion. We have much better clothes than you.” Hannah and Christina had snapped with a sassy attitude. Danielle had felt very sad and embarrassed. No one had ever said that to her. This completely upset Danielle and she ran away crying to her next class.

      Even after, the popular girls were being rude to Danielle. “Do you want to borrow my makeup? Perhaps, I think you would look good in it. Oh wait, it’s probably going to make you more uglier, so maybe not!”

     When Maria was around them, they acted the complete opposite of their normal attitude. They were kind and friendly. Chloe suddenly got really depressed and tears started to form in her eyes and they trickled down her pale face.

     “Maria isn’t with me, and she used to be my best friend. It seems very different without her.” Chloe whimpered. “But is she really my best friend now or was she even since the beginning?”

      Yet, something still confused Chloe.

     “Maria and I never got along with Hannah and Christina, so why is Maria getting along with them now?”

      You know how best friends tell secrets to each other, right? Well, Chloe had a secret in mind that she had to tell Maria. However, what really made Chloe a little more bewildered was the fact, whether or not to tell Maria. Maria was her best friend and she could depend on her to keep the secret, but now she hung out with the popular girls. Ergo, the popular girls would start spreading the secret if Maria told them.

      ¨What if Maria tells them this secret?¨ Chloe contemplated.

       Chloe pondered deeply about revealing the dilemma- should she disclose her secret to Maria. Even at midnight, Chloe was up thinking. Chloe was in her bed with her head flooding with different thoughts and worries about revealing the secret. She felt that she was being forced to tell Maria. Eventually, her head began to ache. Chloe slowly rose up from her bed and turned on the lamp which filled the dark room with brightness. She was stretching out her arm to reach for a glass of refreshing water on her wooden night stand. She drank the water and immediately felt better. Chloe tucked herself into her warm and cozy bed but after getting up, she couldn’t sleep again. Chloe got up from the bed and gently placed her feet on the cold floor and was searching for her fluffy bunny slippers. She stood up and walked quietly over to her window. Chloe looked out the window and saw the night sky filled with beautiful blazing stars. In a few seconds, a shooting star appeared and Chloe made a wish she wanted for the night.

      “I wish that Maria stops hanging out with the popular girls for her own good, Chloe whispered. I also wish that I could make up my mind on this challenging decision.” Chloe whispered.

      Chloe yawned and walked back to her bed and peacefully went to sleep.

     While Chloe was on the bus the next day, she felt waves going through her entire body. That morning, Chloe decided to tell Maria the secret. She soon realized that it isn’t the biggest thing to be worried about.

      At recess, she went over to Maria and took her to a private place to talk.

     ¨I-I-I have to t-t-tell you something, a-a-a secret.¨ Chloe faltered.

      ¨Sure, you can tell me anything.¨ Maria replied.

      Chloe paused for a second. Maria could tell that it was hard for Chloe to tell her but Chloe mustered up her courage to.

      ¨Well, I have this learning disability called dyslexia. You might have saw me struggle with reading in class.¨ Chloe explained.

      ¨Oh, yeah. So that’s why! Maria exclaimed. Chloe, that is alright. Everyone is different in some way.¨

¨I guess so. Just can you please keep this secret between you and me, okay?¨ Chloe requested.

       ¨I will keep this secret between you and me forever. After all, you are my best friend.¨ Maria promised.

        Both of them hugged each other and talked a bit more together. Soon later they noticed Hannah and Christina walking up to Maria. They took Maria and started to question her.

      “What did Chloe talk to you about?” questioned Hannah.

      “Um…it is nothing important.” Maria replied.

      “Tell us now! We want to hear what she said!¨ Christina commanded.¨ You can’t hide it from us for long.

      “Fine! Chloe told me about her secret!” Maria confessed.

       “Ooo, what secret is it?” asked Hannah mockingly.

         Maria actually didn’t tell them the truth. She made up a lie!

         Instead Maria blurted out, “Chloe has a fear of spiders.”

        The popular girls giggled and started telling everyone. Chloe was embarrassed, her face blushing at first, but then wasn’t because it turns out that mostly others are afraid of spiders too!      

       “Well… I have something to say. I also have a fear of spiders.” Christina admitted.

        Immediately Chloe, Maria, and Hannah’s eyes were bulging wide.

       “Really! I never knew you had a fear. You never told me and we are best friends!” Hannah shouted.

       “Well I am sorry. It is too embarrassing.” Christina answered.

        “Hey Hannah! Do you have a fear?” asked Maria.

         “Um.. no.” denied Hannah.

         “I think you do.” Maria continued.

          “Fine! I have a fear of clowns. They are the most horrid thing ever! It is my worst nightmare ever!” Hannah conceded.

          Wow! Even the popular girls had fears! Chloe and Maria were amazed. Later on, Chloe and Maria met at lunch. They were still continuing to talk about what had happened earlier.

          “Maria, do you have a secret you want to tell me?” Chloe questioned.

          “Not really, but I can tell you that the popular girls are getting too annoying. I want to get back to hanging out with you more.” Maria replied while letting out a smile.

         “You should probably tell them that before they notice you are back to being with me.” Chloe warned.

        “Yeah, I should. I will tell them later at recess.” Maria responded.

          Maria did what she had said and now unfriended the popular girls. It was great to be back with her best friend. Maria didn’t need the popular girls to be happy, all she needed was her best friend Chloe. No one else would find out the secret; just Chloe and Maria will know.

        Soon enough, Chloe and Maria decided that they should make a club that is all about trust. So they decided to make the Trust Team. The two girls gathered a bunch of their closest friends that they really trusted. The club was committed to helping the school be aware of how trust is really important and what you could do to keep someone’s trust. The girls wanted everyone to realize why we need trust and how it comes into our daily lives, such as Chloe’s situation.

        As the school year passed on, everyone kept commenting on how helpful it was to them. Even the principal and teachers were pleased with their marvelous actions. Chloe and Maria have recognized that their school has transformed into a place that is pleasant and enjoyable environment for everyone. Even Hannah and Christina have changed for the better. They learned that being harsh and cold-hearted will make people feel upset and miserable. They both realized that the world should be cheerful and be in a good spirit. Hannah and Christina expressed their gratitude to Chloe and Maria because they helped shape their new attitude.

         If you are trusting someone, you are depending or relying on them. Chloe had to trust Maria to keep the secret, and it turned out that she did. In most cases, this is the resolution of trusting someone. In other cases, it might turn out the opposite. Some people might not be the best person to trust. Maria could have told the popular girls the actual secret and turn against Chloe. Trusting someone is a huge responsibility and you need someone who you think is capable of keeping your information private.


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