Day 24: Story #3

Another story I wrote long ago…

(Melanie, the owner’s, point of view)
Our cat, Joss, is sometimes too smart for her own good. Take last Sunday when we couldn’t find her for hours. She finally came home covered in mud from head to toe.
Around 2 in the afternoon, I had heard a loud meow and some scratching coming from the front door. I ran to the front door and opened it. I  found Joss sitting there, her facial expression looking very grumpy. Something must have happened outside.
My parents insisted that I gave Joss a bath and so I did. I brought carefully picked up Joss and brought her upstairs. She kept screeching every time I poured water onto her. I knew how much she hated baths but I had to clean the muck off of her.
When I went back downstairs, I noticed there were little muddy paw prints on the floor. JOSS! She must have ran in some mud outside. I went to go get a mop and clean up the mess my cat made. After I was done with that, I went outside to get some fresh air. I admired the beauty. The clouds were scattered across the sky, the sun hiding behind them, gleaming light outside. The fountain in the middle of the courtyard looked elegant as ever. The water even sparkled as the sun shined on it. The roses and tulips really brightened up the garden. I thought.  As well as the dais— Wait a second…WHY ARE MY FAVORITE DAISIES CRUSHED? JOSS!!! I went over to where the daisies were and I cried in the inside. It took me years to grow it like this. All of my hard work for nothing. Then, I looked over to the big oak tree. WAIT…DID THE TREE BRANCH FALL OFF AND WHY IS THERE WATER EVERYWHERE? UGH…Joss. I don’t think I am having a good day either. But I can’t stay mad at my favorite cat in the whole wide world! I had never laid my eyes on a cat like her. I loved her delicate white fur and that golden stripe around her tail. Joss was one of a kind!
Now if only I could read Joss’s mind so I could know what had happened earlier outside.
(Joss, the cat’s, point of view)
Our neighbor’s dog, Bandit, is a pain in the neck, He made me get coated in mud and that meant I had to take a bath and I HATE BATHS.
So here is how it started. I went outside to play. I ran back and forth around the yard. I tried to capture a bird near the fountain but it was too late; the bird already flew away as soon as I reached there. ROOF! ROOF! ROOF! I heard some barking from the other side of the fence. All of a sudden, Bandit leaped across the fence and came into our garden. Bandit ran towards me, as fast as lightning, and I was starting to get a little scared. Let me tell you this. Bandit is a playful and friendly Labrador and he is very energetic as well. He has the eyes of the ocean and lustrous golden fur. But he is one big fellow.
Bandit was nearing closer and I was getting more frightened. He was about to take a giant leap and then I yelled, “NO BANDIT! NOOOO!” I ran off quickly. First, I head off into the garden. I managed to dodge the incoming flowers in the way. I don’t think Bandit was able to though. I turned around and noticed he ran straight through them, smushing them. I felt bad for my owner, Melanie, because she spent most of time caring for these beautiful flowers. But there was no time to waste. I could be dinner any second.  Then, I ran up the massive oak tree behind the fountain but the thing is, I was especially terrified of heights. Somehow, I managed to climb up to the highest branch.
“Phew, Bandit won’t get me up here,” I thought. Then, I heard a heh-heh-heh sound, like a dog was panting. I turned to my left and noticed that Bandit was right next to me. “AHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed. I wanted to jump off the tree but I was worried that I would get injured. But since Bandit was a very huge dog, the tree branch couldn’t hold the weight of both of us. It soon broke and collapsed to the ground. Luckily, the both of us landed in a pile of leaves. I brushed off the leaves from my fur. Bandit was covered with leaves so he shook them off his fur. Unfortunately, the wind came in and blew them into my face. After Bandit finished shaking off the leaves, he stared at me. “Oh no!” I thought and then I took off. I turned around again to see if Bandit was still chasing me and he was. I wasn’t looking where I was going which wasn’t a good idea. Splash! I fell into the fountain. Oh how I hate water so much! I leaped out as quickly as possible and through the garden and to the front door. I began to meow, hoping that my owner would open the door. But she didn’t. I began to meow louder and still she didn’t open the door. I decided to meow very loud and scratch the door at the same time. FINALLY, SHE OPENED THE DOOR. Gosh, she needs better listening skills. She carried me upstairs and forced me to take a bath. HOW MANY TIMES DO I NEED TO ENCOUNTER WATER TODAY? I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. It didn’t take that long to clean me but I truly disliked it.
The very next day, I decided to go outside again. Hopefully, Bandit wasn’t outside. I hid in the bushes to see if the coast was clear. I peered to see if he was anywhere near and it seemed like he wasn’t. Phew! Heh-heh-heh. There was that noise again. I saw a giant shadow right next to my little shadow. I turned around to see who it was and it was Bandit.
“AHHHH!” I screamed.
“Don’t worry, Joss! I just wanted to say hi yesterday but you ran away from me,” Bandit sighed.
“Oh well, I was just really scared because…” I mumbled.
“I am a big fellow, eh?” Bandit replied.
“Yeah, you do look pretty big to me. I mean look at you,” I said.
“ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT?” shouted Bandit.
“OH NO NO. I mean…you are a Labrador and Labrador’s are typically pretty big. Am I right?” I clarified.
“True, true. You’ve got a point,” agreed Bandit.
“Okay, I better get going,” I told Bandit.
“Why, you just got here?” questioned Bandit.
“Um well, I have some very important business to attend.” Then I scurried off as fast as my little feet could carry me. But Bandit managed to catch up to me.
“HEEEEEEEYYYYY!!!” Bandit beamed.
“What!” I exclaimed.
“WANNA BE FRIENDS?” blurted Bandit.
“Hmm.. let me think about it. NO!”
“WHY?!?!” asked Bandit.
“Eh,” I shrugged.
“EH? COME ON, SAY YES OR NO!” Bandit continued.
“I already said no before. Did you not hear me?” I groaned.
“PLEASE?” begged Bandit.
“No,” I said.
“PLEASE?” begged Bandit again.
“No,” I repeated.
“PLEASE?” begged Bandit once more.
“FINE!” I yelled.
“Right…” I muttered.
Bandit then hugged me very tight and I couldn’t breathe. He let go and then licked my face with his big, slobbery tongue. EW! HOW GROSS! IS THAT HOW DOGS GREET THEIR FRIENDS? But Bandit wasn’t so bad after all. We played catch, hide and seek, and tag. Of course, he was good at catch and tag but I was pretty good at hide and seek. I am glad to have Bandit as a friend. This was an unlikely friendship.
“Yes Bandit,” I said.
“YAYAYAYAY!” Then he hugged me very tight till I couldn’t breathe. He yelled, “BESTIES FOREVER!”
“YUP! Forever indeed,” I reassured.


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