Crazy Sentences

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Post-A-Day: Day 80

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In reading and writing class, we had to create sentences. This is what happened:

  1. Harry loves pineapples.
  2. Danny and Tiffany are getting paper.
  3. Either chocolate or cheese is good.
  4. The Fooble or Mr. Jenkins stole the eraser.
  5. Steven or Bob likes to tap dance.
  6. Tim Tom or Tom Tim likes to fly.
  7. Billy Bob Joe or Joe Bob Billy like to bounce.
  8. Either Donald Trump or the corn have common sense.
  9. Bob or Bob are Bobs.
  10. Doge or Kermit are such good memes.
  11. The flavor of the can of tomatoes is good.
  12. Charlie choked on most of the chocolate.
  13. Many believe in the Fooble.
  14. Many Albatrosses are named Rick Astley.



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