Poem by Erin Hanson

╔═.♥. ═══════════════╗

Post-A-Day: Day 83

╚══════.♥. ══════════╝

So many people walk this earth,

With purpose in their eyes,

But in their heart of hearts they know,

What they’re living is a lie,

The alarm goes off at 6 am,

Like every other day,

So they can walk into a job they hate,

Because they need the pay,

All time does is take from them,

But it never seems to give,

Always waiting for the day to come,

When they finally start to live,

I’m all to scared that one day soon,

I’ll become just like the rest,

Only walking with the crowd,

Because my dreams have been oppressed,

That one day I’ll look back on life,

At the opportunities I have missed,

And realise I never truly lived,

All I did was just exist.

-Erin Hanson


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